Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hair Bun 2012 Hairstyles

The hair bun has been a hot look for 2011 and is going strong in 2012. Check out these 3 versions of the high bun.

hairstyles 2012 hair bun 1

This is a great look for long hair, with or without bangs. This oversized ballerina bun is comfortable, easy, and stylish. Try it out today!

hairstyles 2012 hair bun 2

This hair bun is another take on the hair wrapped bun. Even easier to style than the ballerina bun, this look is just as hot in 2012.

hairstyles 2012 hair bun side view

The bun looks great in profile. You can wear it as high or as low as is comfortable. Tuck ends into the bun for a seamless finish.

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